Netflix to adapt cult game favorite Beyond Good & Evil


Detective Pikachu's Rob Letterman has been asked to direct the film version of the cult favorite.

Detective Pikachu’s Rob Letterman has been asked to direct the film version of the cult favorite.
Photo: John Lamparski / WireImage (Getty Images)

There is no rhyme or exact reason why video game franchises get the movie adaptation treatment. If not why Postal exist? – but money tends to be a pretty good motivator. Which makes it somewhat surprising to learn that Netflix is ​​preparing to produce a 2003 film adaptation Beyond good and evil, a game as well known these days for its failure as a commercial venture as for its ravishing critical reception at the time.

Set on a faraway planet, where a young photojournalist named Jade finds herself embroiled in an alien invasion, anti-government rebellion, and the trials and tribulations of her adopted uncle (a talking pig), Beyond good and evil was praised at the time for its cinematic presentation, engaging gameplay, and high-level character work. But it sold like absolute garbage, a failure that has been attributed in the past to its lack of branding characters or other easily marketable features. The reputation of the game has persisted, however, and occasional efforts to revive it with a sequel have sprung up across the modern world. time. Now Netflix is ​​stepping into the fray and launching the man who made the second most successful video game adaptation of all time, Detective Pikachu‘s Rob Letterman, at the project. (The most successful, meanwhile, remains that of Duncan Jones Warcraft, a bit of a disconcerting fact made possible only by the film’s unexpected international success.)

By THR, Letterman is set to make the film, which will use a now-familiar mix of live-action and CGI to recreate the alien world of Jade. It is not yet known who will write the film or if the main designer of the game, Michel Ancel (who also created the Rayman game franchise), would also be involved in the production of the film. Ancel is supposed to work hard on Beyond good and evil 2, more the progress of the project has been silent for years.


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