Near UK’s busiest port, Brexit hopes are covered in asphalt


Before the government even bought the MOJO site, it was generally expected to become a warehouse. So the construction work did not surprise many people, but the nature of the project did.

Among those who believe the deadlock can be avoided is John Lang, who voted for Brexit and has not changed his mind. He described his house and quiet garden near MOJO as a “little slice of heaven” and he was convinced it would stay that way.

“It’s in everyone’s best interest to make it work,” Lang said.

Local people who wanted to stay in the European Union feel justified, even if they hesitate to brag about it.

“I just think it’s so sad that this is another piece of the campaign that we lost,” said Sheila Catt, a health service administrator. She is also concerned about air pollution.

Part of the problem for Mersham lies in the geography of Dover, a short drive east, where one of the world’s busiest ports is crushed in a limited space bounded by the famous White Cliffs behind it.


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