NBA Rumors: Warriors Who Draft LaMelo Ball Depend On All-Star Likelihood


There is a lot of speculation linking Anthony Edwards and James Wiseman to the Warriors and their second pick in the upcoming 2020 NBA Draft. However, there isn’t as much noise surrounding the Golden State and the LaMelo Ball.

There are reasons for that, and yet Wes Goldberg of the Bay Area News Group won’t rule out the pairing. He previously reported that the Warriors believe the guard – in particular, the playmaker – is the strongest position in the draft, and Ball is widely regarded as the best prospect in that position.

That said, if the Warriors draft a point guard early in the first round, he doesn’t necessarily expect it to be Ball.

“If they think Ball is likely to become an All-Star, they’ll be ready to recruit him,” Goldberg wrote in a recent post. “However, they’re also bred on another point guard: Tyrese Haliburton from Iowa State.

“While Ball is indeed flashy and No. 1 on a lot of draft analyst boards, Haliburton may have an easier time getting down for Golden State. Ball is a top passer who sees the ground like Peyton Manning, but he also has a track record of being an ineffective goalscorer and underperforming defender. ”

In between, Goldberg explained why Haliburton might be a better fit – at least in the short term – alongside what the Warriors already have.

“Haliburton is a developed 3-point shooter (41.9% on 5.6 3-point attempts per game in second year) and able to hold multiple wing positions,” continued Letourneau. “It’s easy to throw him by playing on the ball and doing open jumpers alongside (Steph) Curry and (Klay) Thompson, or leading the attack of the Warriors’ second unit.

“If the Ball jumper doesn’t develop (25% out of 6.7 3-point-per-game attempts last season with the Illawarra Hawks) and isn’t a positive defenseman right away (unlikely at 19), it can be limited to the main bench units for 15 minutes per game. ”

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The Warriors, obviously, want to add the best player available, but they also need to balance that desire with their ambition to immediately return to the Championship next season. If they think Ball can tick those two boxes, then he could be their guy.

But if they don’t, that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a leader who can.



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