NBA Extends Flawless Coronavirus Test Streak In Orlando


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla .– The NBA bubble still works.The league released its latest results Wednesday for coronavirus testing of players participating in the restarted season at Walt Disney World Resort, and the numbers are still perfect. Of the 343 players tested since the results were last announced on July 29, none have been confirmed positive.

This means that no player has tested positive since entering the so-called bubble last month. Two players tested positive upon arrival at Disney, with neither of them breaking out of quarantine and potentially exposing anyone inside the bubble.

“The NBA did an amazing job, right? They have been great, ”said Clippers coach Doc Rivers. “They are on us. They make us wear our masks. … We are tested every day. We have to do health app every day. The NBA is doing whatever we need to do.

“This whole virus is also about self-control, about self-discipline,” Rivers added. “I think not only the league but, I think the players and everyone, they followed. We have to keep trying to do this. ”

Everyone inside the bubble must complete a questionnaire on their mobile device each morning, in addition to measuring their temperature and the level of oxygen in their bloodstream. Social distancing rules are in place and mask use – mandatory since the start of the restarted season – has been an even higher priority this week, with the league tightening some standards and forcing teams to hold meetings with players so they can remind them. to be vigilant.

“There is no doubt that the NBA, under the leadership of [commissioner] Adam Silver has done a wonderful job being visionaries in the sense of looking at the big picture and trying to understand what unintended consequences might arise, ”said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich.

He said the players also deserve credit for showing self-discipline.

“I think he’s a great example for the country,” Popovich said.


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