NBA Expert Picks & Predictions (Sunday August 2): How we bet on Kings-Magic and Bucks-Rockets


The Bubble NBA action continues in Orlando on Sunday with some impressive games in Blazers vs. Celtics and Bucks vs. Rockets.Motivation will continue to be a big factor in this short eight game sprint, which could provide some bet value.

Our staff are here to break down their favorite NBA bets for Sunday’s slate and have found value in two games:

  • 18 h HE: Sacramento Kings contre Orlando Magic
  • 20 h 30 HE: Milwaukee Bucks contre Houston Rockets

Sunday NBA betting picks

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Dollar odds -4,5 [BET NOW]
Rocket dimensions +4,5 [BET NOW]
Moneyline -182 / + 155 [BET NOW]
More under 243 [BET NOW]
Time 20 h 30 HE
TV abc

The truth is, it can just come down to the Rockets’ 3 point percentage. Houston is attempting 44.3 threes per game, but that number should be in the 50s or even the 60s given the Bucks’ defensive pattern.

Expect Russell Westbrook to be limited in this game. Milwaukee is so good on the rim that he’ll be more than happy to let Westbrook try his luck there. This should allow the Bucks to tilt their defense sharply towards James Harden.

He’s had a monster first game and looks refreshed and rested, but he’ll have to be the best player on the pitch for the Rockets to stand a chance.

At some point, the Rockets are going to get cold on all of those 3. And when they do, Milwaukee could exploit those hiccups on the transition and put the game aside quickly with a big run.

The Bucks lead the league on pace, and the long rebounds missed the 3s transition opportunities even more.

So many 3s means there’s always variance and room for the Rockets to get hot. If they take 60 lines and do 40%, that’s already 72 points – before adding 2s and all those Harden free throws. Of course, the Bucks are one of the best in the league for limiting giveaways.

If you want to bet on variance, you should consider playing the Rockets money line with the top. The Bucks are going to score, so if the Rockets beat them, Houston will have to hook a lot.

I’m going the other way. It feels like a nightmare game for Houston, and I love that the Bucks put the game aside with some big points when the Rockets get cold. I’m with them everywhere at -4.5 and happy to bet down to -5 if needed.

Pick: Bucks -4.5 (would bet up to -5)

[Pariez20$+surlesBuckschezPointsBetet[Bet+ontheBucksatPointsBetand[Pariez20$+surlesBuckschezPointsBetet[Bet+ontheBucksatPointsBetandWin $ 125 if they score at least 3 points]

Kings odds +2,5 [BET NOW]
Magic odds -2,5 [BET NOW]
Moneyline + 114 / -136 [BET NOW]
More under 227 [BET NOW]
Time 18 h HE

As I wrote in the Action app when I made this choice last night: I understand the bubble is in Orlando, but are we giving Magic’s hometown the edge here?

Honestly, I’m not sure there is much separation between these two teams, other than the record, which the Magic have strengthened because they play in the East.

I think the market is underestimating the Kings, who were starting to set things up a bit more ahead of the COVID-19 layoff. Young PG stud De’Aaron Fox was making improvements late in the season and playing pretty well. Head Coach Luke Walton is a problem, sure, but this team isn’t 2.5 points worse on a neutral court against Magic.

And motivation is key here: The Kings have given up on their opener and can’t afford to lose this one. It’s basically winning or going home. The Magic, meanwhile, are apparently locked in one place as 7 or 8 Seeds in the East.

The Pick: Kings +2 or better, ML at +110

[Pariez20$etplussurlesKingsàPointsBetet[Bet+ontheKingsatPointsBetand[Pariez20$etplussurlesKingsàPointsBetet[Bet+ontheKingsatPointsBetandWin $ 125 if they score at least 3 points]

It’s a tough game to handicap, as we’ve seen very few teams play their second game in the bubble. Luke Walton let his young side run wild on Friday, with most of the key contributors playing for more than 30 minutes at a competitive pace. Orlando, on the other hand, had the game closed early; no one played for more than 26 minutes.

This line opened in Orlando -3. These two met once and played it up close, and I don’t think there is much separation between the two ball clubs.

Sacramento has the size to check Nikola Vucevic at the bottom and the wings to stick on Evan Fournier and Aaron Gordon. Orlando is a lot more physical, and if Friday night is any indication, he should be able to make it to the line at will and put the Kings in serious trouble.

In the end, I will be joining the Kings for the second time in as many games as an underdog this time. Excluding Sacramento’s loss in their last game before the league suspension, the Kings are 5-1 after a loss when the next game is less than four away, according to Bet Labs.

I expect the Kings to respond to the opening loss and Orlando to come back to average a bit after an uncompetitive game. Give me Sacramento up to +2.

The Pick: Kings +2.5, would bet up to +2

[Pariez20$etplussurlesKingsàPointsBetet[Bet+ontheKingsatPointsBetand[Pariez20$etplussurlesKingsàPointsBetet[Bet+ontheKingsatPointsBetandWin $ 125 if they score at least 3 points]


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