National lottery: two numbers could now win cash prizes for millions under new rules | UK News


New national lottery rules mean millions of Britons will win £ 5 for just two numbers.

This applies to so-called “Must Be Won” games – which take place after the jackpot has been launched more than five times.

In these games, if no one matches the six main numbers to win the jackpot, the money is split among the lower level prize winners.

Now, only two numbers will suffice for a price.

This means that around a million players per draw could raise £ 5 – in addition to a free Lucky Dive.

“We know that an unexpected extra five dollars – which could be spent on a box of chocolates, a book or a magazine, or to get a friend a coffee – can really put a smile on someone’s face,” said Neil Brocklehurst. by Camelot.

The move will take effect on November 7.

Other changes include three ‘Big September’ draws, with a special £ 20million ‘Must Be Won’ game on September 5th.

This will be closely followed by two EuroMillions draws – one securing 20 millionaires (September 18) and the other with a jackpot increased by over £ 100million (September 25).


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