National Enquirer chief David Pecker absent after AMI merger


David Pecker, longtime president and CEO of American Media Inc., has been grazed, and AMI, the parent company of The National Enquirer, will soon cease to exist and merge with a company that markets face masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, sanitizing wipes and vitamin supplements.“This is a transformative event that dramatically transforms Accelerate and American Media into a new kind of media and marketing company with unprecedented reach to the sales floor,” a press release said Friday. evening by Georgia-based Marketing Manager David Parry. , the CEO of Accelerate360, LLC.

Parry added that Chris Scardino, longtime director of AMI, has been named president of the new hybrid tabloid journalism-marketing company, which, months before the planned October 1 merger, has already attempted to execute the one of its touted business synergies: According to people familiar with the situation, AMI magazines have released photos of celebrities sporting face masks, in front of advertisements for COVID masks marketed and distributed by Accelerate360.


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