Nando’s Customers Slam Eat Out for Helping Meal ‘Fail’


After its official launch last week, the new Eat out to help system has already proved its worth with the British.Thousands of people have flocked to restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC and Toby Carvery for half-price food, and the reviews so far have been largely positive.

However, some Nando customers have reported issues trying to get the discount to work on the restaurant’s app – which has replaced cash payments for people eating at its stores.

Several customers ended up paying full price for Eat Out To Help Out meals because they weren’t using the correct code when paying for the meal on their apps, or the code didn’t work.

One person tweeted: “We visited Nandos Park Royal and was told about the ‘eat out to help’ offer.

“4 of us placed the order and got our £ 10. We later found out that it was up to £ 10 off per person. Staff missed an item worth just under £ 10 and ended up with no reduction. Sort it out. ”

Someone else said, “I was at your Beckton branch yesterday and this does not deduct the Eat Out to Help Out service per person instead of per order.

“If a party of four is present and one person orders for four people, they only give one discount code, even if the order is for four people. ”

A third wrote, “What’s going on with your Eat Out to Help Out codes?” I don’t work in the Sevenoaks store and my son had to pay a premium! Did the director say nothing he could do? ”

“I went to Nando’s, I stood in line for a whole hour to get my discount code just to sit down and pay full price because I forgot to apply the code at checkout,” a someone else said.

Another social media user wrote: ‘I just entered the code and he said I had to pay £ 11.60 but trying to pay the end screen I said I paid 21 , £ 60.

« [The manager] said all staff have been asked to tell customers to ‘try harder’ on their phones because there is an issue with adding the code. ”

A spokesperson for Nando said Manchester Evening News: “In order to implement the 50% discount on the Eat Out To Help Out program, all customers must use a unique code in our new pay at the table app which will be given to them upon arrival at the restaurant.

“We are sorry to hear that some customers had problems in the first two days, if someone does not receive a code or is having difficulty entering the code please speak to a member of the team at restaurant who will be happy to help you. process the discount. ”

Nando’s Eat Out To Help Out prix

  • Poulet Quarter Peri Peri – 1.85 £
  • Quarter Peri Peri Chicken and two sides – £ 3.38
  • Half Peri Poulet – 38 3.38
  • Chicken Demi Peri Peri and two sides – £ 4.90
  • Five chicken wings – £ 2.60
  • Four boneless chicken thighs – £ 3.48
  • Peri Peri chicken wing roulette, 10 pieces – € 4.90
  • Halloumi Sticks & Dip – £ 1.73
  • Whole chicken – £ 6
  • Garlic bread (regular) – £ 1.15
  • Chicken pitta – £ 2.95
  • Beanie burger – 2,95 £


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