“My mother died of Covid-19 while I was in intensive care against the virus”


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Media captionCoronavirus: “I don’t think people take it really seriously”

An Edinburgh man who is the sole survivor of an outbreak affected by Covid-19 has warned the public not to let their guard down against the disease.

Scott Miller was gravely ill in intensive care when his mother and partner died from the virus.

He didn’t know anything about their deaths until he came out of a medically induced coma.

Scott shared an apartment with his 76-year-old mother Norma, who has dementia, and his 69-year-old partner.

The 43-year-old told the BBC: “When I was upstairs in the intensive care unit fighting for my life, my mother was in a downstairs ward, dying. ”

The first sign that something was wrong came on March 21 when Norma fell in the apartment and, to her surprise, Scott was unable to get her back on her feet.

An ambulance took her to the Royal Edinburgh Infirmary, where she later tested positive for Covid-19.

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Norma Miller was rushed to hospital after falling in her apartment

Scott visited her in the room but doesn’t remember anything. He, too, was falling ill with the coronavirus and, at the end of the week, was in the same hospital, critically ill in a medically induced coma.

At that time, Scotland was confined.

Scott’s sister-in-law Sharlene Miller said: “Norma was in Ward 220 of the Royal Infirmary and Scott was in intensive care.

“On Sunday morning we got a call to say that Norma was dead, and we got a call from the consultant to say that Scott was also very ill. Then Norma’s partner died the following Sunday.

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Scott’s kidneys started to fail. He had pneumonia and blood clots.

Sharlene recalled, “In the week between Norma’s funeral and her partner’s funeral, each day Scott seemed to deteriorate and they were running out of options. We were at the point where we might have to make a decision to end his life. support.

“On April 15, they almost lost him. We got a phone call and figured it was them saying Scott was dead, but they managed to stabilize him again. ”

Sharlene’s own parents fell ill with Covid-19 but got away with it.

“There was a sense of relief obviously, because I don’t think we could have dealt with losing Scott too. When we got to talk to him and see him, we were delighted with it. It was lovely, ”she said. .

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Miller family


Scott Miller says he lost 22kg after recovering from Covid-19

After three weeks of intensive care, Scott’s condition improved. He is out of the coma. When they decided it was safe to do so, a nurse told Scott his mother had passed away.

“When I arrived I just had a hunch that something had happened to mom and when the nurse told me it was just disbelief and shock. It was very hard, ”he said.

In the days that followed, Scott learned that Norma’s partner had passed away, at their home in Edinburgh.

He said, “Again, it was just disbelief that it took two people who were part of my daily life.

“The staff at the hospital were absolutely amazing. Two or three of the nurses who treated me were with my mother when she passed away. Every part of the NHS was amazing.

‘He’s a real killer’

A freelance locksmith, Scott weighed 22 stones (140 kg) before he fell ill, but he went to the gym three times a week and played hockey.

After having Covid-19, he lost 3.5 stones (22 kg) and had to relearn to walk. Four months later, he doesn’t know when he’ll be well enough to return to work.

He has observed with concern the increase in Covid-19 cases in Scotland and the United Kingdom.

“People need to understand he’s a real killer, I don’t think people take him really seriously.

“People need to know that we are not out of it yet. They need to know, just to be safe and to be careful.


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