Mulan heads straight to Disney + in September for an additional fee


Disney announced that its live-action Mulan remake will arrive direct to Disney + on September 4 for an additional fee.In a telephone interview with earnings analysts, Disney executives confirmed that Disney + subscribers in Canada and other markets where the service is available will be able to access Mulan for US $ 29.99 (around CAD $ 40). Otherwise, the film will hit theaters in markets where Disney + is not currently offered.

MobileSyrup has contacted Disney to confirm specific Canadian pricing and will update this story once a response is received.

Mulan The release was originally scheduled for March 27, but COVID-19-related delays pushed the film to July 24 and then, more recently, August 21.

The film was delayed in part due to its huge budget of US $ 200 million (approximately C $ 267 million). Given the high costs, Disney naturally wanted it to have a full theatrical run to maximize revenue. For this reason, there was skepticism in the film industry that Mulan would never go straight to digital, as many other films have done amid the pandemic.

That said, Disney’s Mulan The strategy is markedly different from what has been done with the other digital versions. In the case of Disney, some titles arrived at Disney + soon after brief or full theatrical runs, such as Forward and Frozen II, while Artemis Fowl and Hamilton debuts directly on the service. That said, they were all included at no additional cost with a Disney + membership of $ 8.99 per month / $ 89.99 per year.

Likewise, other films that have skipped cinemas for digital, such as Troll world tour, Scoob!, Le roi the Staten Island and Irresistible, have all been made available on platforms like iTunes and Google Play for a single rental or purchase package (typically around $ 24.99).

All the while, some companies are still keeping theatrical releases for notable upcoming films, albeit in a rather unorthodox way. For example, Warner Bros. ‘ Principe, Christopher Nolan’s latest over $ 200 million blockbuster, hits theaters August 26 in Canada and other countries. Orion Pictures, meanwhile, is coming out Bill and Ted: Face the Music Labor Day weekend in both theaters and on digital.

What disney does Mulan This could apparently set a precedent for higher tariffs to be offered to streaming services at an additional cost. For now, however, this appears to be an isolated case – at least for Disney.

“We’re looking at ‘Mulan’ as a one-off, instead of saying there’s a new business windowing model we’re looking at,” Disney CEO Bob Chapek said in the call for results. “We find it very interesting to offer a first offer to consumers at this price of $ 29.99 and to learn from it.”

This means that Marvel Black Widow, one of Disney’s other big movies for 2020 that was originally slated for release in May, is still slated to hit theaters on November 6. Other big Disney movies that have been postponed to 2021, like Jungle cruise and Marvel’s The Eternals, will likely still hit theaters as planned.

During the earnings call, Disney also confirmed that Disney + had reached 60.5 million subscribers as of August 3. This means the company has hit its goal of 60 to 90 million subscriptions by 2024 four years ahead.

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