MPI issues a second round of checks for short-lived drivers


Thousands of Manitoba drivers will receive a second reimbursement check from the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation after the company realizes that some drivers have not received the full amount they deserve.

“Some customer concerns were brought to our attention either through the customer directly or through Autopac agents who had questions about customer discount,” said Brian Smiley, Customer Relations Coordinator. MPI media.

Smiley said MPI investigated their system and found an error in determining the discount amount for some customers. He added MPI, then quickly turned around and sent a check to 9,600 drivers. The checks divided $ 253,000.

“We want to make sure our customers are getting exactly what they’re entitled to,” Smiley said.

The initial rebate checks were sent out in late May and early June as fewer claims were made during the COVID-19 pandemic. Smiley said about 98% of those checks were deposited.

Customers who have not received their rebate check can contact the MPI Contact Center at 204-985-7000.


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