Mounting a GoPro inside a car tire shows a perspective you probably never thought of


Teachers have always said, “There are no stupid questions.” If nothing else, the Internet is built on this philosophy. As ridiculous as the question is, the web will provide an answer. Questions such as, what happens in the space between the rim and the tire of a car? Sure, there is air, but what does it look like when the rubber meets the road? The Warped Perception YouTube channel attempted to answer this question by pasting a GoPro camera with a light inside the tire of a Mercedes-Benz to show a perspective that we wouldn’t see or consider otherwise.Warped Perception is a YouTube channel that examines what we don’t normally see through the magic of 4K slow motion and general curiosity. So far, this is perhaps the most intriguing idea to date, and it was sent by a spectator. Well done to anyone who made this up.


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