Morrisons worker filmed yelling ‘Black C ***’ at angry customer



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The staff member no longer works for Morrisons (Photo: ashleyinkzofficial / Instagram)
A Morrisons employee was caught on camera shouting racist slurs at a supermarket customer.

The incident allegedly took place at a store in Palmers Green, north London, and appeared on social media on Friday.

At the start of the clip, the client is seen being held back by security as a woman off camera yells at him.

The Morrison’s employee, dressed in a green uniform, can be heard saying, “All I told you was turn the card over, you fucking shit.”

The customer replies: “They will have to fire you”.

The clerk yells back, “Come on and hit me, hit me, then I can take you to court, b ***.”

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The enraged worker then rushes towards the man as a colleague fails to hold her back as she continues to yell “Hit me”.

Astonished shoppers can be seen watching the Morrisons employee’s rant turn racist as she shouts, “Hit me you fucking shit, you black guy.”

The woman continues to threaten: “I’m going to ask someone to come and hurt you, you’re going to hate me.” You don’t know who the fuck I am you.

More and more of the woman’s work colleagues surround her as they struggle to contain their angry colleague.

The woman ends her rant by saying, “I’m sick of everyone abusing me, that’s what I’ve had enough of.” ”

“I’m coming out of my vacation and every time I come to this store, someone is going to mentally abuse me.

The video was posted to Facebook with the caption: “Morrisons staff call black customer c *** absolutely shocking. ”

A Morrisons spokesperson told the Mirror: “The individual in question no longer works for Morrisons. ”

Metropolitan Police said they could not find a trace of the incident.

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