Morrisons supermarket’s new program for customers who cannot wear face masks impresses


For weeks now, those who enter stores have been required to wear a face mask to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.The government made it mandatory to wear face masks when entering all stores on July 24.

But people exempted from the rule due to medical conditions have faced discrimination when shopping without a mask.

Anyone who is not required to wear a mask is able to obtain a card indicating that this is the case.

However, not all illnesses are always visible in stores, such as anxiety, claustrophobia, and autism.

Now Morrisons Supermarket has announced a new initiative that aims to make life easier for people with hidden disabilities, Kent Live reports.

The supermarket is distributing sunflower cords to shoppers with hidden disabilities, indicating that they may need additional in-store assistance.

Posting on Faceboook, the supermarket wrote, “This week we are bringing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Strip System to our stores.

“This is an initiative designed to act as a low-key sign that someone has a hidden disability, such as mental health issues, autism, dementia or sensory disturbances, and may need additional help.

“If you have a hidden disability and would like a sunflower loin, please pick one up for free at the customer service desk. ”

Buyers are already praising the initiative and thanked the supermarket for considering people with hidden disabilities and understanding the importance of supporting them.

One person replied, “These are great for people with true hidden disabilities – my daughter has used one. ”

Someone else wrote, “What a great idea well done. Show those who find excuses not to wear a mask and knowingly endanger others. ”

“I will definitely see my daughter has autism that would be amazing,” said a third.

Another person commented: “Absolutely brilliant thank you very much! It will help my son immensely! “


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