Morocco seizes nearly 16 kg of cocaine aboard ferry from France


Rabat – Moroccan police on Saturday aborted an attempt to smuggle drugs at the port of Tanger Med, preventing a smuggler from bringing nearly 16 kilograms of cocaine in Morocco.

Police identified a car with a license plate registered abroad bearing the cocaine at Morocco aboard a ferry arriving from France on August 1, as part of the exceptional reopening of the Moroccan border.

The border control operation carried out on the car resulted in the seizure of cocaine, which was well packaged inside the rear bumper of the car, said the DGSN.

Police arrested the driver, a 35-year-old Belgian national of Moroccan origin.

The police took the suspect into custody for a preliminary investigation, carried out by the judicial police of the port of Tanger Med.

The investigation aims to identify all the circumstances of the case as well as to determine the potential accomplices involved in the operation.

In 2019, From Morocco police seized large quantities of hard drugs, including 542,455 kilograms of cocaine, 7,196 kilograms of heroin and 1,407,451 psychotropic tablets.

In addition to hard drugs, Moroccan police seized 179,657 tonnes of cannabis and its derivatives. The number represents an increase of 127 tonnes compared to 2018.


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