More details on the improvement talents featured in Raw Underground Debut


– The Local Competitor Twitter account reported more information on improvement talents featured in Raw Underground segments earlier this week on Monday Night Raw. As previously reported, NXT talent Babatunde made his Raw debut in the Raw UG segments, where he was featured as Dabba-Kato.Other independent wrestling talents that were showcased in the segments were Task Force’s Mikey Spandex and Dante Marquis Carter. They were featured in the first fight which was introduced by Shane McMahon. The first opponent Dabba-Kato faced was Kai Douglas, who worked as a referee for WWN. He also faced Chico Adams.

When Erik of the Viking Raiders took part in the Raw Underground action, he was confronted by “Upgrade” Mike Reed. Wrestlers portrayed as extras in the crowd included Marina Tucker, Sofia Castillo and Vinny Mac. Ariel Dominguez was the poor man who was beaten by MVP and Bobby Lashley of The Hurt Business.


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