More details on decision to turn Roman Reigns’ heel and pair him with Paul Heyman


Roman Reigns made his return to Summerslam and it was finally revealed that he is a heel now and that he works with Paul Heyman. It has been reported that the plan is for Reigns to be the brand’s top heel while Bray Wyatt becomes the top face. In the final Sunday Night Main Event episode, Dave Meltzer said Roman’s heel turn has been in the works for some time.Reigns wanted to turn on his heels for a while and WWE took that into account when planning his comeback story. The alliance was most likely due to the fact that Paul Heyman is currently on a high paying contract and has not been used.

It has been suggested that Heyman may have had some involvement in the creative aspects of Reigns’ title win, as his “fingerprints” appeared to be on the game. The ring is falling apart and Reigns arriving at the last minute are ideas Heyman has had in the past. Heyman no longer works as the executive director of RAW, but he is said to have a creative influence involving the wrestlers he works with on television.


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