More areas in the southern zone have no active COVID-19 cases


By David Opinko 25 August 2020 15:49

LETHBRIDGE, AB – The Government of Alberta released the COVID-19 report on Tuesday, detailing the figures for the past 24 hours.

77 cases have been confirmed across the province, bringing the total to 13,083. Of these, 1,134 cases are active and 11,714 people have recovered.

Although there are two more positive test results in Newell County and one for Brooks, the government says the total number of cases to date in the southern health zone is still 1,721. That could mean three cases. previously confirmed have been reclassified.

This week, three areas where people have tested positive for COVID-19 no longer currently have one active. Lethbridge got the honor on Monday and hasn’t budged today. Fort Macleod and the County of Lethbridge join him on Tuesday.


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