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Gardeners’ World host Monty Don has spoken about the dangers of living in a half-timbered house on social media. The TV star revealed online damage to her home and garden following a massive rainstorm after the UK heatwave.

Earlier today, Monty told his 193,600 Twitter followers that his garden had been “beaten and crushed” by the wet weather.While it was a welcome relief from the scorching heat this week, the rain not only flattened the plants in her garden, but took over her home.

The 63-year-old TV star had to make “spree repairs” to his backyard to repair the damage because he had a photographer visiting this afternoon.

A photo shoot with Gardeners’ World magazine was scheduled for later today.

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“Ohhh noooo, I hope everything is fine and there isn’t too much damage,” one Instagram follower said in the comments section of the video.

“I hope it dries up soon for you Monty.” I can’t imagine how stressful this must be for you and your family, ”added another.

A third fan remarked, “I think it requires a flower stand inside the Monty. Our veranda does the same. ”

Referring to the age of the house, a fourth follower said, “Oh wow, what a character this house must have. “

However, some Twitter users suggested it would be a good opportunity to show followers how to fix the damage to the garden instead of trying to fix it.

One fan said: “Show it as is …”

Another added: “I agree, it’s better to see in the natural state, or show what has been done to ‘fix’ the damage – and why! ”

A third remarked: “As a subscriber to this magazine, would like an article on repairing after weather damage… maybe an opportunity rather than a cover? “


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