Mom shares a simple tip for slowing down Aldi’s fast checkout staff when you need more time


Aldi is known for their lightning-fast checkout staff – so what can you do if you need a little extra time?It can be difficult to bag your items before they’re all scanned, especially when there is a queue of other eager shoppers.

Customers have already shared their own hacks for slowing checkouts – including one that recommended rubbing the wrapper around the barcode so that scanning takes longer.

But one mom noted that if you don’t ask, you don’t get, the Mirror reports.

“You can ask them to slow down, I do it,” she said, posting on the Aldi Mums Facebook page.

“They don’t mind. And I’ve never had a rude cashier, either. “

Other buyers have admitted to doing the same.

Another said: “I always ask my local Aldi cashiers to slow down a bit, so as not to be overwhelmed.

“They always say yes and it’s always very pleasant, never had a problem. ”

But for others, the sheer panic of the race to race is part of the Aldi experience, as Kidspot reports.

One of them said: “Keeping up with the Aldi cashiers is a game for me. It should be an Olympic sport. ”

A second added: “Sometimes they go slow for me, other times it’s like a tornado and I can’t do the groceries fast enough in the cart. ”

When asked why their cashiers scan items so quickly, we were told that staff members are “encouraged” to be as efficient as possible, which helps keep prices low.

Bosses also claimed their checkouts were 40% faster than their rivals – but said their checkout assistants were also trained to change the rate they scan to match the pace of the buyer.


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