Moderna prices coronavirus vaccine from $ 32 to $ 37 per dose for some customers


Moderna charges between $ 32 and $ 37 per dose for its coronavirus vaccine for some customers, at cheaper “pandemic prices”, he said Wednesday.The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company is currently in discussions for larger volume deals that will have a lower price, Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel said on a conference call discussing the company’s financial results. in the second trimester.

“We are working with governments around the world and others to ensure that a vaccine is accessible regardless of the ability to pay,” he said. “We are currently in a pandemic as defined by the WHO. At Moderna, like many experts, we believe that the virus will not go away and that it will be necessary to vaccinate people or give them a boost for many years.

Moderna defines a small order for his vaccine as “in the millions,” he said. The price Moderna charges for small orders is more than the $ 19.50 per dose agreed to by US drugmaker Pfizer and German biotech BioNTech in a deal with the US government.

Bancel said the price of the vaccine will be “well below its value” during the pandemic period. Once the virus is under control and considered endemic, prices will follow traditional market prices, in line with those of other commercial vaccines, he said.

“We will work with the market,” Bancel said.

The comments came after the company reported a five-fold increase in second-quarter revenue.

Moderna said she has entered into discussions with several countries to provide her potential coronavirus vaccine, called mRNA-1273, and has already received around $ 400 million in deposits as of July 31. Last week, the company launched a phase three trial to test its safety and effectiveness. it is out of 30,000 people with results expected from October. The company said it plans to complete registration for its Phase Three trial in September.

Moderna’s experimental vaccine, which is being developed with help from the National Institutes of Health, contains genetic material called messenger RNA, or mRNA, which scientists hope will prompt the immune system to fight the virus.

The company received $ 483 million from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority in April to support the development of its vaccines. Last month, he announced that he had received an additional $ 472 million from the US government.

Earlier on Wednesday, Moderna reported a five-fold increase in second-quarter revenue, mainly due to its work on the coronavirus vaccine. Revenue climbed to $ 66.4 million in the quarter, more than five times the $ 13.1 million they collected in the same period last year.


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