Mobile phone customers cannot use 4G internet or make calls


VODAFONE appears to have declined with thousands of people struggling to use their internet or make calls.

Frustrated customers have taken to Twitter to say they can’t use their 4G or 5G connections.


Downdetector shows widespread problems with Vodafone

Some also say they can’t make calls.

At the height of the problem, Downdetector, the fault tracker, was reporting complaints from over 3,000 Vodafone customers.

That number has since dropped to around 340 complaints.

The problem appears to be widespread across the UK, although Vodafone has yet to confirm the affected areas.

The network problem appears to have started around 10 a.m.

More than 2,000 people complain about Vodafone, according to Downdetector
Vodafone service update webpage also not working


Vodafone service update webpage also not working

The Vodafone service update webpage, where you can check for issues in your area, is also not working.

A message on the website states: “HTTP Error 503. The service is not available. ”

Customers tweeted Vodafone this morning to ask what’s going on.

One of them said: “Anyone else having major problems with their Vodafone Internet? No connection and nothing loads. Can’t connect to 4g / 5g etc.? ”

A second tweeted: “Our professional Vodafone mobile network is completely down! What’s going on? We need to restore it ASAP, please! ”

Another asked, “What’s going on? Being told not connected to the network and then intermittently not being able to make calls. ”

A fourth said: “Are there any problems with the network today? I am in Bristol and although it is showing a signal I cannot make calls. “




Vodafone customers tweeted the network provider


Vodafone customers tweeted the network provider

Vodafone acknowledged the network problem in responses to several customers.

This did not reveal the cause of the problem.

However, he advises customers to try to turn off the automatic network for two minutes, and then reconnect to their Vodafone network, to try to resolve the issue.

Responding to one person, he said, “We are aware of some network updates that are causing signal and connection issues for clients.

“We have no deadline to complete them, but our engineers are striving to restore service as a top priority. “

Vodafone has confirmed it is looking into the issue8
Vodafone has confirmed it is investigating the issue

The Sun has requested more information from Vodafone and we will update this article when we know more.

We also check how many people are affected.

Vodafone has around 27 million mobile customers.

The network was last shut down in June 2020, leaving thousands of Britons unable to make calls across the UK.

The Sun has a guide on how you can check the status of your Vodafone service here.

Can I obtain compensation in the event of a failure of my mobile network?

If your mobile network goes down, you are not compensated.

But if you think that a breakdown has caused you significant problems or if you have waited a long time for a repair, you should complain.

You will need to give your supplier a “reasonable opportunity” to resolve the issues, according to the regulator Ofcom.

If your supplier fails to fix the defect within the promised time frame or if you are not satisfied with the time it took to fix it, you should follow the official complaints procedure for the network.

If you have been without service for a while, you may be able to leave without paying an exit charge.

Make sure you have screenshots on your phone that can be used as proof of the outage and that you have noted how long you have not been able to use your phone.

You should also be specific about any additional costs incurred as a result of the outage as you may be able to get your money back for those as well.

It is worth submitting copies of any receipts or invoices proving the expenses you had to make due to the outage, as this will strengthen your complaint.

If your issue is still not resolved after eight weeks, you can submit your complaint to an independent alternative dispute resolution (ADR) system.

The networks have already offered credits or gifts to customers affected by outages nationwide.

How to check if Vodafone is broken?

Vodafone has a service checker so you can see if there is a problem in your area or the whole country.

You must enter your zip code so that it can give you an update for your area.

If you want to make a complaint, you can do so by phone, letter or email.

Vodafone has a dedicated page on its website where you can find information about complaints.

Other outages include the downed HSBC banking app for thousands of people yesterday.

The TSB’s website and app crashed for three hours in April, leaving customers struggling to connect.

And in March, Lloyds and Halifax’s internet banking apps and services declined.

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