MLS releases 2020 season comeback schedule


Major League Soccer has unveiled the schedule for the first phase of the 25th season’s return to domestic markets. As was the case with the MLS is Back tournament, the rest of the season will include comprehensive health and safety protocols, including regular testing of players, coaches and essential personnel for COVID-19.The revised schedule will see each team play an additional 18 regular season games, using a phased approach. The first phase will be that most teams will play six matches against regional opponents until September 14. With the exception of FC Dallas and Nashville SC: They will play three more games to make up for those missed after their withdrawal from MLS. is the comeback tournament.

Due to travel restrictions between the United States and Canada, Major League Soccer is working with all three Canadian clubs in the league to continue the regular season. More details on Canadian team schedules will be announced shortly.

The regular season will end on decision day November 8, and the league aims to release the rest of the schedule in early September.


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