MLB commissioner decides to continue baseball season


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Rob Manfred’s suggestion that the baseball season could be closed has proven to be as legitimate as a father’s threat to turn that car now.

“We’re playing,” MLB commissioner Karl Ravech told “The players have to be better, but I’m not a general let go and there’s no reason to stop now. We must have been fluid, but it’s manageable.

The effort to blame players for the outbreak comes amid indications that players are indeed blaming them, particularly on the Marlins. But even if players do everything they are supposed to do, it is impossible to prevent possible outbreaks.

Baseball will continue nonetheless, even if it ultimately means that many teams play less than 60 games.

“We have to be flexible about this,” Manfred said on Saturday, via the Associated press. “Look, that’s one of the reasons we’ve revisited the issue of the extended playoffs. If it turns out that some players are playing 60, some are playing 58, they’ve got this new thing called payout percentage. We can fix it.

Get used to “this new thing called payout percentage”. While each NFL team cannot play 16 regular season games this year due to the pandemic, winning percentage will determine playoff spots and playoff positioning.


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