‘Mirzapur’ season 2 announcement date: fans are excited


If you mix the recklessness of Raktacharitra, the sudden and unexpected twists and turns of the Sacred Games and the brutality of Gangs of Wasseypur with more curses, bloodshed and carnage, then it is “Mirzapur”. An original web series on Amazon Prime Video was a runaway success after being dubbed into nearly eight Indian languages, including Telugu with all “boothulu” intact.

Since then, the wait for Season 2 of this web series has grown bigger and curious, and ultimately, Amazon has broken the ice. Due to the lockdown, the release of Season 2 has been delayed, but ultimately the date is announced today. Amazon has confirmed in a new video teaser where all of the shells that land from a fired bullet form the outline of the number “2,” and said October 23 is the series’ release date.

After finishing filming recently, finally, the manufacturers would be doing post-production at a brisk pace. Once the final cut is approved, it will be sent to cities like Hyderabad for dubbing in Telugu. Re-preparing content in nearly eight languages, the web series premieres on October 23.

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