Miley Cyrus’ Call Her Daddy Bombshells: Liam Hemsworth, Her Sex Firsts & More


5. His method of moving forwardDuring the discussion, Cyrus referred to his breakup with Hemsworth and explained his organized approach to moving on.

“I had a very, very public, very important breakup that spanned over 10 years of a relationship,” she said. “Sitting with me now, I hope you find me a bit like this, which is not the public perception is that I am very logical. I am very organized and very kind of center. And so, I like lists. Lists keep my f-king world on track. My world would be destroyed if I didn’t make lists. Every day I have a list of “What do I want?” How am I going to achieve this? What is the next step? ‘And so, with grief, I tried not to get lost in the emotion. ”

She continued, “I also don’t like that with women too, it’s like, ‘Well you’re a cold bitch.’ It’s like no! The world will continue to move. It’s like a death when you lose such a deep love, like you feel like a death… Sometimes it’s even easier because it’s more… the person is still walking the Earth and choosing every day, because it’s a choice. Death is not a choice and it is a choice. ”

As a result, Cyrus developed a tangible way to stay focused and recognize what the relationship has taught him. “Don’t get lost in the emotion, focus on the logic,” the star said, “it’s making a list of what you gained and what you lost, what they were contributing to your life and what they subtract and value each of those things from one to 10, then you add them all up and if the person added more to your life then you know what is expected for your next relationship and, what they are subtracting , you know what you won’t do and never accept again. ”


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