Miles Morales to get ‘full arc’ in Spider-Man PS5 game


Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS5 will complete the coming-of-age arc for the young hero who started in Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4.
Slight spoilers for Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 follow.Marvel’s Spider-Man introduced Miles Morales as a supporting (sometimes playable) character caught under the wing of Peter Parker. The base game ends with Morales bitten by a new radioactive spider, while DLC packs feature him taking his first steps as a superhero. Speaking to EW, game director Brian Horton explained that the next spinoff game is designed to complete the story that the first game started: “It’s a full arc for Miles Morales that started in Spider-Man [on PS4]. We’re really finishing the maturity of this hero in our game. It’s a full story. “Insomniac has already hinted at a full-fledged Spider-Man 2, and said, “We still have a lot of Peter [Parker]’s story to tell,’ but it feels like Miles will be a fully-fledged, trained superhero by the end of his lead role.

EW also released a brand new PS5 photo of the game:

Elsewhere in the interview, Insomniac reiterates that the Miles Morales game is not a formal sequel to the first game, and that it is a “shorter spin-off, comparable in scope to the game Lost Legacy in the game. Uncharted series ”.

Horton adds that the decision to have the character play in a shorter game was a way of telling his story in a “punchy” way: “When we started creating him, we realized that with a little more style of storytelling. compact, we could tell a very moving story that would be perfect for an experience that would take Spider-Man 1 and [Miles Morales] and do justice to this character. ”

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is set to arrive on vacation 2020 for PS5. So far we know a few plot details, we’ve seen the art of the game’s box and learned that the game will feature an optional 4K / 60FPS mode. We also speculated on 6 comic book stories that might inspire his next trip.
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