Migrants seen scaling the sea wall at Kingsdown on the day calls for France to crack down on the crisis are launched


A photo has emerged of migrants scaling the sea wall at Kingsdown on the same day that calls for France to tackle the crisis were made.A witness said that one woman claimed to be in labor and another was carrying a small baby.

Migrants climbing the sea wall at Kingsdown

This week, at least 400 people crossed from France to Dover. Thursday was a record day with 235 migrants arriving on 17 boats.

Yesterday 130 more crossed the channel in 13 boats.

Immigration Minister Chris Philip is due to meet with his French counterparts next week to determine what can be done and should call on migrants caught crossing to take their fingerprints and face “real consequences”.

In the Daily Telegraph, he said: “The complete closure of this route will mean that illegal migrants will no longer have any reason to flock to the north of France – which means more camps near Calais and more criminal gangs. operating with impunity on French soil. And illegal migrants must be given their fingerprints so they know that once detected, they face real consequences if they attempt to cross again.

Former Labor Home Secretary Jack Straw has since said and plans to ‘push back’ could be fatal.

Watch Border Force bring migrant boats to Dover

Our reporter Beth Robson saw boats arrive in Dover yesterday, the same day the Home Secretary said the Navy would be called upon to tackle the crisis.

She saw a small child clap his hands in relief as the boat made its way to the dock.

Beth said: “From what I saw at the marina today, threats from Ms Patel that Royal Navy resources could be deployed had no impact on the momentum of the migrants.

“It appears that despite threats of naval intervention and the perilous 23-mile journeys through the world’s busiest shipping lanes, small boats will continue to arrive. ”

KCC chief Roger Gough said 400 children had been in the council’s care this year, including 60 in the first week of August alone.

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