Midnight Mania! Marlon Vera elaborates on Sean O’Malley’s victory, trash-talk corner


Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Welcome to the “Chito” show.

Marlon Vera’s strategy leading up to UFC 252 may or may not have involved injuring Sean O’Malley’s leg with calf kicks and checks, but it certainly worked! When presented with a wounded foe, Vera leapt up, absolutely crushing her opponent with an elbow from the top position to secure the finish.

After all the “Suga” trash talk, it was pretty glorious.

While chatting with MMAFighting, Vera revealed that it wasn’t just O’Malley doing the gossip. Instead, his corner team also hurled insults, dating back to O’Malley’s victory over Eddie Wineland. “They won a fight against Eddie Wineland. I was already booked to fight [Jimmie Rivera] and they started calling me, ”Vera explained. “The coaches are calling me. Where the hell do you see a top trainer doing that? A coach may have an opinion, “I wish my student would fight X guys”, but these guys were talking shit. “Chito’s easy money”, and blah blah blah.

“My response to them after the Wineland fight, I said to them ‘Enjoy your few minutes of fame because as a fighter you are crap.’ Guess what? They keep calling me. He was on the verge of becoming the greatest coach of all time if his guys kept beating people because that’s how media works. He had become so massive, whatever. I fucked all their shit.

Vera went on to say that O’Malley’s corner was actively talking about trash during the bout, leading to a scolding from the referee, “They kept yelling sh * t. Even Herb Dean told them to shut up the f * ck when the fight started. They shout, “F * ck him, he’s scared.” Why are you talking Scared? I am ready to die. I won’t let you take money from my family. I’m not letting you take my ranking, I’m not letting you take anything from me yet.

“If you’re talking shit, you better gain or lose that same energy. If I insult you and lose, I will always insult you after the fight.

When it comes to all of her trashy conversations with O’Malley and his team, Vera isn’t bothered by the situation, in large part because there is a real opportunity to be successful inside the cage. “People are mean on social media because in other sports they can say something and get away with it,” Vera said. “In other sports, if you talk wild, you get a sanction, a fine, or money taken away from you. UFC lets you get away with it, which is cool. I don’t mind trash talk. I like it, I really have fun. My vocabulary was pretty bad when I won, but some people get by with things. The only problem is, you get baptized. If you want to talk wild, be sure to bring a pair of balls into the cage.

Either way, revenge down the line doesn’t seem impossible. So far, however, Vera is way ahead of both the trash talk and the actual results.


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