Midnight Mania! Khabib Nurmagomedov: UFC to negotiate with Georges St. Pierre after UFC 254


Welcome to Midnight Mania!

One way or another, the talks between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Georges St. Pierre not only refuse to die despite several stoppages over the years, but they are gaining ground! Even with the Canadian legend retired and without any experience at 155 pounds, each day Khabib himself seems more confident that the fight will happen.

With the UFC on board, there are still potential obstacles to the super fight. First of all, Nurmagomedov faces Justin Gaethje, who plans to “create car crashes” against the Dagestan fighter.

If Nurmagomedov is victorious, however, it seems his heart is entirely on Saint Peter. “It’s a fight between my dreams and my father,” explained Nurmagomedov (transcript via MMAJunkie). “Time is running out, St-Pierre is 40 next year, he has to decide whether we are going to fight or not.

“If (St-Pierre) comes back to the UFC and agrees to fight, I fight him,” Nurmagomedov continued. ” Why? Because the last time he lost was in 2007. My career started in 2008. Together, we’ve been undefeated for 25 years. I’m talking in terms of time, not fighting. I don’t think the UFC will have another chance to fight like this, certainly not in the next 10 years. So Georges St-Pierre is next. Otherwise, let Conor beat (Dustin) Poirier or have Tony beat him, then I’m going to fight them.

“If I beat Gaethje, then in April I could fight St-Pierre. (The UFC) told me they would negotiate with St-Pierre.

Of course, UFC negotiations with Saint-Pierre have failed in the past. Still, Nurmagomedov seems confident the fight will work, and he has more control and influence than most in his post.


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