Metallica members shocked by James Hetfield’s return to rehab


Metallica frontman James Hetfield blinded his bandmates when he returned to rehab late last year.In a new interview, bassist Robert Trujillo admits the band had no idea the Enter Sandman frontman needed help until he informed them he was seeking treatment and was withdrawing from a series of dates.

At the time the group released a statement, which read, “As most of you are probably aware, our brother James has been struggling with an addiction from time to time for many years. Unfortunately, he had to return to a treatment program to work again on his recovery.

Now, Trujillo tells Metal Hammer, “We really didn’t see it coming. James seemed to be fine, but then you look back and try to analyze the situation over time and see where there were red flags…

“Being on the road can be really tough, and I imagine for James, getting up there in front of all these people and having to be ‘sure’ while your family is not with you and all these things are going on. , it is built upwards. ”

Guitarist Kirk Hammett adds, “You have to do a bit of scrambling to cover a bit of ground. ”

Hetfield has spent much of last winter working out his problems in rehab and now he and his band mates are planning to put on a concert that will be recorded for showing in drive-ins across North America. North.


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