Melania Trump to headline second night of Republican Convention – live | American News


Hello, live blog readers, and welcome to the second night of the Republican National Convention.The convention kicked off last night with speakers like Donald Trump Jr and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley urging Americans to re-elect the president, arguing Donald Trump was the only person to prevent America from falling into the hands of the socialists.

Donald Trump Jr calls Joe Biden a ‘Loch Ness Monster’ in Republican convention speech – Video

This baseless argument seemed totally at odds with Republicans’ promises that the convention would focus on sharing an optimistic vision for the country’s future.

First lady Melania Trump hopes to change the tone of the convention tonight, when she delivers her speech from the White House Rose Garden.

An aide to the First Lady said her speech would be “positive and uplifting” and that (unlike her 2016 convention speech) it would be entirely her own words.

“I can tell you that every word of the speech comes from her”, help St├ęphanie Grisham told MSNBC today. “It’s very authentic and it will come from the heart.”

The second night of the convention kicks off in about half an hour, so stay tuned.


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