Meghan Markle news: Thomas Markle has “given up hope” of finding his daughter and Price Harry | Royal | News


Thomas Markle became furious after reading excerpts from the explosive new book Finding Freedom, which includes details of Meghan and Harry’s decision to leave the royal family and her relationship with her father.

Mr Markle is now considering enjoying his retirement and is said to be traveling the world to distract himself from the grief.Meghan’s half-brother Tom Markle Jnr, who talks to their father every day, opened up about Thomas’ relationship with Meghan in an interview with The Sun.

He said: “As far as the reunion is concerned, he has completely abandoned Meghan and Harry.

“He doesn’t trust her and doesn’t want to know this person because of the lies, manipulation and deception.

“He just celebrated his 76th birthday – needless to say he hasn’t heard from Meghan. ”

Tom Jnr, 53, says his father denies claims in the book that he ignored floods of texts and calls telling him to come to Meghan and Harry’s wedding in 2018.

The couple tried to distance themselves from the book and insisted they had not contributed to it, saying the unofficial biography was based on “independent reporting.”

Speaking of the claims in the book, Mr Tom Jnr said: “He says that Harry spoke to our father to say that if he had listened to him, Harry, there would have been no problems.

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“The palace told Meghan and Harry to send help for my father so he can deal with the press, but they refused.

“Meghan herself said no. “

Tom Jnr also claimed that the infamous letter Meghan sent to their father includes undisclosed content which he describes as “horrific” and “very hurtful”.

However, despite reportedly abandoning his daughter, Mr Markle is still desperate to establish a relationship with his 14-month-old grandson Archie.

Tom Jnr added, “He will fight and pursue the avenues necessary to see Archie.

“They are not the only ones who can take legal action.

“He would love to hold this little boy once. “

Meghan’s half-brother then launched a scathing attack on Prince Harry, claiming Meghan was telling him ‘what to do’.

He said Harry went “from the British Army and the Royal Family to diaper changing at a multi-million dollar property thousands of miles from his family while being told what to say and do by Meghan . “

Thomas Markle Jr added, “Dad wants to die happy.

“He’s got enough BS.

“It’s better to enjoy retirement and travel – and forget about Meghan completely.”


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