Meghan Markle is being honest about move to US amid BLM movement: At first it was devastating






                Meghan Markle s'est récemment entretenue avec l'entrepreneur Emily Ramshaw lors d'une discussion récente et a partagé ses réflexions sur le retour aux États-Unis au milieu du mouvement en cours Black Lives Matter.  Faites défiler vers le bas pour voir ce qu'elle a dit.

Meghan Markle being honest about move to US amid BLM movement: At first it was devastating


La duchesse de Sussex Meghan Markle s'ouvre sur sa nouvelle situation de vie après avoir déménagé de Londres en Californie avec son mari, le prince Harry. La duchesse s'est entretenue avec la PDG et co-fondatrice de The 19th, Emily Ramshaw, à propos de son retour aux États-Unis qui a coïncidé avec les meurtres inutiles de George Floyd, Breonna Taylor et tant d'autres. "Revenir et voir juste cet état de fait, je pense qu'au début, si je suis honnête, c'était juste dévastateur", a déclaré Meghan. «C'était tellement triste de voir où était notre pays à ce moment-là.»

She added that “if there is any silver lining in that I would say that in the weeks following the murder of George Floyd, in the peaceful protests that you were witnessing, in the voices that were coming out, of the way people were actually owning their role… it went from sadness to a feeling of utter inspiration as I can see the tide turning.


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Meghan also spoke about the importance of using your voice when voting in elections. “When I have these conversations to encourage people to go out and vote, I think it is often difficult for men and women and certainly for people to remember how difficult it was to get the right to vote. . And be really aware and don’t take that for granted, ”she shared. “My husband, for example, he was never able to vote.”

Meghan continued: ‘I really hope that what you are able to encourage and what we can see happening through the 19th * over the next few months is that women understand that their voice is more than ever needed – and the best way to exercise that is to vote. “

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