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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s unofficial biography, Finding Freedom, explores the struggles the couple are said to have faced in the royal family. Royal Rota hosts Chris Ship and Lizzie Robinson have spoken about how sad Meghan is that her relationship with the rest of the Royal Family has not worked out. However, royal commentators have argued that it is important to look at the struggles between Meghan, Kate, William and Harry from several angles.

Ms Robinson said: ‘If you look at it from William and Kate’s perspective, they invited the Sussexes to spend Christmas with them at Anmer Hall.“There were times when they reached out.

“One of the saddest things is that these family issues are being broadcast so publicly.

“Another line from the excerpts from the book was about how Meghan recounted how she told someone she had given up her whole life for this family.

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“She said how sad it was that it didn’t work out. ”

Ms Robinson also noted that the new book indicates that Kate did not do enough to mend Prince Harry and William’s relationship as their relationship was strained.

Mr Ship defended Kate and argued that she was pregnant at the time Prince Harry and Prince William’s audience got into a fight.

Ms Robinson said: “The book explains how Kate didn’t do much to bridge the gap between the two brothers.

Ms Levin alluded to Prince Harry’s build-up frustrations for many years towards her brother William.

She said: “I spoke to Prince Harry for quite a long time and also followed him for a year for my biography.

“I understand Harry is tired of being the second boy, he was fed up when he was a kid.”

“So Harry missed something and I think when you’re in your thirties you can suddenly say leave me alone, this is my life.”


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