Meghan Markle and Prince Harry confess their deepest fears as members of the royal family | Royal | News


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s unofficial biography Finding Freedom is scheduled for release on August 11. Royal Rota hosts Lizzie Robinson and Chris Ship discussed the expected revelations after gaining access to some excerpts from the book, in which the couple deny any involvement. Ms Robinson claimed that Meghan and Harry felt trust was a key issue regarding palace staff while working in the Royal Family.

She claimed the royal couple feared that whoever they came into contact with in the royal family would sell stories for their own gain.Royal commentators discussed the revelation and reflected on Meghan’s impact on Prince Harry’s strained relationship with Prince William.

Ms Robinson said: “In the book excerpt there were details about trust issues as well.

“How Meghan Markle and Prince Harry felt there were very few people in the palaces who would not disclose stories about them.

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“How there were references to when Meghan was right on the scene and was described as Harry’s showgirl.

“How anyone said there was just something about Meghan that he didn’t like. ”

Mr Ship also spoke of the difficulties Prince Harry and Prince William have faced in their relationship since Harry started dating Meghan.

He said, “William called his future sister-in-law” this “girl.”

“Again, there is a conversation to be had, William was offering Harry advice to say take it easy and don’t rush.”

“Harry is known to be quite stubborn, he falls madly in love with his lovers and they were worried he would rush into it.”

“Is it fair that William offered her this advice?” Or was it, as the book says, that William was a snob? ”

Ms Robinson admitted that whatever William’s intentions were when speaking to Harry, they had turned on them.


She said, “I think whatever way he was meant to be taken Harry took him as a snob.

“From that point on, their relationship suffered,” the book says.

“Before that Harry spent a lot of time going to Kensington Palace and seeing the children and they were very close, from there the relationship suffered.


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