Megan Thee Stallion names Tory Lanez as the person who shot her


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A little over a month ago, we reported on statements from rapper Megan Thee Stallion, who revealed via an Instagram post on July 15 that she had been shot in the foot the previous weekend. Details of the incident have remained somewhat unclear since then; among other things, Megan declined to name who shot her, although rapper Tory Lanez (who was also in the Megan SUV was just before the incident) was arrested the same night on charges related to a gun. concealed fire.

Now, however, Megan has definitely declared that Lanez was the one who shot her. Some hours later publication (then deletion) a photo of his injury to try to calm people who question the severity of the injury, « WAP » The rapper posted an Instagram Live session in which she said directly that Tory Lanez shot her twice in the foot shortly after leaving the SUV during an argument. In her statement (and in previous social media posts), she said she made an effort to keep Lanez’s name out of the incident, but that “you have your publicist and your people going on these blogs that lie and shit ”, and so she decided to reveal the truth.

Besides the trauma of being shot twice, Megan also recounts her fear of seeing the police called during the incident. (She says they were called by residents of the Hollywood Hills neighborhood where the incident took place.) Since there were four blacks in the SUV – and it happened in mid – July, during high tensions due to police violence – she feared that the four occupants would be killed by the police.

Lanez – who has yet to respond to requests for comment following Megan’s accusation – was arrested that night and then released on bail. Megan (despite rumors of arrest, who later got are found to be false) was taken to hospital by police for treatment of her injuries.

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