Meet Charlotte Kirk: the actress who shot two studio bosses


News on Tuesday that NBCUniversal vice president Ron Meyer, one of Hollywood’s longest-serving senior executives, had been fired from NBCUniversal due to fallout from an extramarital affair was big enough to shake up the industry. But then news broke that the woman Meyer was dating was none other than Charlotte Kirk, whose extramarital affair with former Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara in 2013 and 2014 ultimately led to her resignation. Tsujihara in 2019.It almost sounds like a prime-time TV soap opera – an aspiring actor who sort of brings down two of Hollywood’s most powerful men. And yet, despite his huge impact on the industry and his prolific, free-spirited presence on Instagram, Kirk remains a rather mysterious figure to the industry.

Contacted on Tuesday, Kirk’s manager asked if Variety paid for interviews – Variety does not – and declined to comment further on the matter.

So who is Charlotte Kirk?

Born in Britain, Kirk currently lives with director Neil Marshall (“The Descent”, “Game of Thrones”) in Los Angeles, according to a document establishing their joint production company, Scarlett Productions, in the UK. Marshall recently directed Kirk in “The Reckoning,” a thriller she also co-wrote and executive produced. According to IMDbpro, this production ended filming in July 2019, but currently has no distribution.

The film is set to kick off the 24th Fantasia International Film Festival with a virtual screening on Thursday evening. Marshall and Kirk were both scheduled to attend a Q&A on Zoom after the screening – but Kirk has since backed down.

When Variety called Marshall for comment, he hung up the phone.

When did Kirk meet Ron Meyer?

Kirk met Meyer around 2012, when she would have been 19 or 20, and they started an affair, two sources confirmed Variety. Meyer would have been 67 or 68 years old. According to a statement from Meyer who does not name Kirk, the matter was “very brief and consensual”.

How does Kevin Tsujihara fit into all of this?

Well, that involves producer and billionaire James Packer and his production partner Brett Ratner. In late 2012, Kirk also reportedly had a relationship with Packer, and in September 2013, Packer introduced Kirk to Tsujihara, according to leaked text messages to the Hollywood Reporter. After this meeting, Kirk and Tsujihara reportedly maintained a sexual relationship until 2014.

How did this case cost Tsujihara his job?

Kirk said that Tsujihara had not behaved inappropriately, but after their affair ended, Kirk reportedly started contacting Tsujihara, Packer, and Ratner to pressure them to land their roles in upcoming films.

Kirk’s efforts came to nothing substantial, but she landed small roles in the Warner Bros. production. “Ocean’s 8” and the New Line Cinema production “How to be single”.

When Tsujihara’s actions came to light in 2019, he had no choice but to resign.

So wait, how did Kirk get involved with Neil Marshall?

Kirk also reportedly lobbied Millennium Films CEO Avi Lerner to land roles in his productions, including the 2019 remake of “Hellboy” directed by Marshall.

She didn’t get a role, but her efforts brought her into the orbit of Marshall, who told THR he had “pushed hard” to get her into his movie. Marshall then devoted his career to directing “The Reckoning”.


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