Martin Lewis sends an important message to all Tesco buyers


Money-saving expert Martin Lewis’s website has issued important advice to Tesco buyers after making big changes to its delivery prices last week. The supermarket took the decision to remove its variable delivery prices and introduced a flat rate of £ 4.50 for all deliveries.

While this might save some buyers money, it could also prove to be much more expensive for those who typically go for the cheaper slots.

According to Berkshire Live, the peak-hour and off-peak delivery model used by many major UK supermarket chains was scrapped last week.

Martin Lewis’s website MoneySavingExpert says that when prices range from £ 2 to £ 7 per slot, the flat delivery charge will now be £ 4.50.

Those who have their goods delivered from a ‘distribution center’ will have to pay £ 5.50 per delivery.

The accusations do not end there. A Click & Collect fee of £ 1.50 was introduced by Tesco for those who buy online and then collect in-store.

MoneySavingExpert has also revealed that if you order items worth less than £ 40 for delivery (or less than £ 25 for Click & Collect) you will also need to pay an additional £ 4.

Tesco’s decision to introduce their flat rates has prompted some shoppers to look for alternative supermarkets, but MSE has some crucial advice on how you can split the costs and save money by continuing to shop at Tesco.

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The report states that if you have two deliveries per month from Tesco, it is an idea to look at their Delivery Saver option.

The Delivery Saver costs £ 7.99 per month or £ 47.94 for a six month block and gives you free delivery and a free click & collect, meaning this route is cheaper than paying per store.

You can use it as much as you want during the month, but only if your order is over £ 40.

MSE also suggests, if possible, switching to Click & Collect for £ 1.50 or returning to in-store shopping.

If none of the above helps, MSE has other suggestions that may help.

Consider replacing supermarkets with one of Tesco’s rivals. However, MSE warns that price differences on products could mean you’ll pay more than if you bite the bullet for Tesco’s new delivery charges – so it’s best to shop around to make sure you find the best alternative.

Another suggestion is for Deliveroo or UberEats, which now deliver from supermarkets such as Co-op and M&S Food Outlets.

If they operate in your area, your shop can cost up to £ 2-3 to deliver through them.


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