Marlins will resume the season on Tuesday; Updates on the Cardinals, Phillies


Major League Baseball issued a statement this afternoon providing updates on a number of clubs, including the Marlins, who were taken out of action last week after an outbreak of COVID-19 within the organization. As of now, Miami is expected to resume its season on Tuesday with a four-game streak against the Orioles in Baltimore, which will run over three days and include a double. The Marlins will be the designated “home” team for two of those games.The MLB announcements, which also include the latest Cardinals and Phillies news, can be viewed in full here, courtesy of Mark Feinsand of

For a second straight day, the scheduled Brewers-Cardinals game has been postponed. The decision comes after this morning gave news that the Cardinals have several more positive tests on their hands. For now, it’s unclear when we can expect the Cardinals to gain the upper hand.

Meanwhile, the Phillies and Yankees will begin a four-game home and home streak on Monday. The Phils were also sidelined this week after potential exposure to the coronavirus during last weekend’s series against the Marlins. However, it appears Philadelphia avoided the worst-case scenario, with MLB revealing that two of the three positive tests in the Phillies’ organization appear to have been false positives. No player has tested positive for COVID-19 since the team’s last contact with the Marlins on Sunday.

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