Marcus Morris hits back at claims he intentionally injured Luka Doncic


Marcus Morris’s name is brought up again in connection with a controversial play in the first round series between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Dallas Mavericks. Morris finished with 12 points, six rebounds and four assists in 28 minutes of action, but he comes under scrutiny on social media for allegedly stepping on Luka Doncic’s ankle on purpose.

Here’s the game at hand:

Social media followed the clip, claiming Morris intentionally stepped on Doncic’s already injured ankle as some sort of competitive advantage. Marcus Morris caught wind of the claims and hit back on Twitter.

“I play this game with a level of respect for myself and the other players,” Morris said. “To think that I would try to hurt someone is crazy to me. 10 years against the best. I stand on morality and hard work. I’m in competition and I leave him there every game.

“Basketball has never been more serious about trying to hurt someone. I don’t apologize for the shit because I know what I’m putting in this game day in and day out. It was a mistake with that. Competition is the reason I play. ”

Morris also provided an additional response to FOX Sports’ Nick Wright, who has consistently played against the Clippers throughout the bubble and playoffs.

“Targeting? Marcus Morris responded in a tweet to Wright. “Smh the things you do to influence. I was a pro and always will be. Never speak of my name like this champion. This game is all about competition and that’s why I play.

When asked about her take on the play, Luka Doncic made no accusations, but neither did she say it was clean.

“I saw it, yes, of course,” Doncic said. “I have my own thoughts. I hope it wasn’t intentional. Tell me what you think? I just hope it wasn’t intentional, but each person will have their own thoughts.

When asked if Morris tried to apologize after the incident, Doncic said he didn’t want to talk to him.

“I don’t want to talk to him,” Luka Doncic added. “He just told me a lot of bad things the whole game. I just don’t want to talk to him. I just have to move on. Like I said, everyone is going to have their own opinion and I just hope it wasn’t intentional. If it was intentional, it’s really bad.

Returning in the first game of the series, Kristaps Porzingis was sent off after catching a second technical foul for engaging in an altercation with Morris. It was the first technique for Morris, so he stayed in the game, but Porzingis was finished for the game at the start of the third quarter.

After the game, Porzingis claimed Morris and the Clippers’ ‘other guys’ had done a good job bringing him into the altercation and second tech despite Morris saying he didn’t believe Porzingis should have been sent off. .

“That’s what they do,” Porzingis said. “Not their main guys, but some of the other guys is their job. It’s part of their game, and we can’t fall for it. We have to be on top of that and that’s it. These are the mistakes you almost have to go through in order to gain that experience and not make those mistakes later in your career.

“I didn’t think it was much, honestly,” Morris said after Game 1. “I think Luka thought I was, I guess, extra physical or something, but if you watch the movie, I wasn’t really. t do nothing. I didn’t think it was enough to get technical faults. I wish Porzingis played because it’s the playoffs man nobody should be ruled out in the playoffs. I know it really hurt their team. It’s not my fault, but I didn’t think it was that bad.

Game 6 between the Clippers and Mavericks is Thursday night at 6 p.m. PT. If this looks like the previous five games, expect a lot of prickles with the Mavs’ backs against the walls and the Clippers trying to get through to the second round.


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