Mapping 70,000 social distancing and mask complaints in New York City – NBC New York


Since March, New York City’s 311 dispatchers have received more than 70,000 complaints about people disobeying social distancing and facing coverage rules.

The complaints, plotted on this interactive map, show that some of the postcodes with the highest coronavirus infection rates are also those with the fewest complaints about overcrowding and masks.

For example, until July, Elmhurst had a 22% infection rate, but only about 108 complaints about masks and social distancing per 20,000 residents.

Compare that with Greenwich Village, an area that had over 360 complaints per 20,000 residents, despite a relatively low infection rate of 5%.

The I-Team visited some of the addresses with the most complaints with a hidden camera. It wasn’t hard to see why New Yorkers called 311.

New Yorkers have called 19,311 complaints about face covers at the Tashkent supermarket in Brighton Beach. During the I-Team visit, a hidden camera showed the staff behind the meat counter, the bakery county, the soup counter and the gyro counter – all without face masks.

Supermarket manager Vlad Vartse said his staff usually wore headgear, but on the day the I-Team visited, temperatures outside were above 90 degrees.

“Over 90 degrees Fahrenheit is ridiculous and it’s extremely difficult for all of us to breathe. Me understood, ”Vartse said. But he pledged to ask his workers to follow the rules. “We’ll fix it, I promise.

Dr Aaron Glatt, head of infectious diseases at Mount Sinai South Nassau, said we can all get tired of wearing masks, but when we do it is important to remember why we are doing it.

“When you put on this mask, smile under that mask and say, ‘I’m saving someone’s life.’ “


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