Man’s entire household dies from coronavirus as he fights for his life


A man has beaten his battle with the coronavirus, making him the sole survivor of the killer virus in his family home.Scott Miller was living at his home in Edinburgh with his mother Norma, 76, and his partner, 69, when they all fell seriously ill with Covid-19.

Scott realized his mother was ill when she fell on March 21 and was unable to get her back on her feet.

An ambulance took her to the Royal Edinburgh Infirmary where she tested positive for Covid-19.

Scott said he was allowed to visit his mother in his neighborhood, but was so sick he can’t remember anything, reports the BBC.

Scott is the sole survivor of his house

The 43-year-old was rushed to the intensive care unit at the same hospital where he was left to fight for his life in an upstairs ward as his mother died downstairs.

Tragically, Norma’s partner died a week after her.

Scott’s sister-in-law Sharlene Miller told the BBC that in the week between Norma and her partner’s funeral, the hospital called the family to tell them they didn’t know if he would survive.

Scott was placed in a coma and spent three weeks in intensive care before finally recovering.

Norma tested positive for coronavirus when admitted to hospital

She said: “There was a sense of relief obviously, because I don’t think we could have dealt with losing Scott as well. When we got to talk to him and see him, we were delighted with it. It was lovely. ”

However, when Scott woke up, he heard the tragic news.

He said, “When I arrived I just had a hunch that something had happened to mom and when the nurse told me it was just disbelief and shock. It was very hard. ”

Scott, a freelance locksmith, weighed 22 stones (140 kg) before he fell ill, but he went to the gym three times a week and played hockey.

Scott with his late mom Norma

He has since lost 3.5 stones (22 kg) and had to relearn to walk.

Scott said he was alarmed by the increase in cases in Scotland and warned people not to let their guard down against the virus.

He said: “People have to understand that he’s a real killer, I don’t think people take him really seriously. ”

At 5 p.m. on Wednesday, a lockdown was re-imposed in downtown Aberdeen following a spike in cases.

Bars, cafes and restaurants have been ordered to close by Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon following an outbreak of 54 cases in the city.

A five-mile travel rule has also been put in place and residents are told not to enter their homes.

Indoor and outdoor reception areas must close.


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