Mandy Rose was in Sonya Deville’s house during the heist, Deville yelled at the man before running off with Rose


The Tampa Bay Times has new details on the ongoing Sonya Deville case that led to Phillip A. Thomas being arrested for breaking into his home in Lutz, Fla., As well as charges of stalking. In Deville’s petition to court asking for Thomas’ protection, she noted that she had actually come face to face with him and shouted “What are you doing, what do you want?” at him as he held a knife and pepper spray.It is also noted in the petition that Mandy Rose was at Deville’s house that night and that Deville woke her up shortly after 2:41 a.m. when her home alarm system went off. The two fled to the garage and were able to walk away from the house from there.

Thomas believed Deville was still upstairs when she and Rose were already gone, and admitted he planned to pepper spray her and hold her hostage until she answered all of his questions .

Deville noted that after getting Thomas’ name from authorities, she searched for him on Instagram and saw his “obsessive” posts on his account.

“The nature of the posts on this account was obsessive, suicidal, idolatrous, saying, ‘You are the only person I will ever love,’ she wrote.

The last message on the account, at 12:16 am Sunday, read, “Look outside, baby, by your pool.” I am here. I’m gonna kill that little p … you got inside with you.

In other messages, Thomas has revealed that he discovered Deville’s address, threatened his family, described sexual acts and posted a photo of his penis.

The petition was successful, as Deville obtained a temporary injunction against Thomas.


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