Mandy Rose defeats Sonya Deville in Loser leaves WWE match at SummerSlam


Photo credit: Bill Pritchard

At WWE SummerSlam, Mandy Rose faced Sonya Deville in a no-disqualification match, with the loser leaving the WWE match. The old friends have been engaged in a bitter rivalry for months. Rose dropped Deville with a right hand at first, and the fight quickly spread outside. Rose knocked Deville’s head up onto the steel steps. A suplex on the ramp gave Rose firm control of the game. Rose dove down from the broadcast table and grabbed Deville with a clothesline.

Deville hit Rose in the midsection with a chair to gain the upper hand. A Draco Sleeper ground Rose, but she fought to get out of it. Rose rallied with a wave of strikes. A leaping kick from Deville shook Rose. A series of running knees from Rose dropped Deville. Another running knee earned Rose the victory. Otis ran into the ring to celebrate with Rose after the game. Rose made her own version of the Caterpillar.

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