Man Utd says conviction ‘overturned’, final appeal and fiancee Fern slams cops lies


HARRY Maguire’s conviction has been “overturned,” Manchester United said today.

Defender 27 was convicted of aggravated assault, resisting arrest and attempted bribery following a clash with police on the Greek island of Mykonos.

The £ 85million England star got a retrial this afternoon with Man Utd insisting his skipper no longer has a conviction or criminal record and is innocent.

A Manchester United spokesperson said: “An appeal against yesterday’s verdict was filed this morning by Harry’s legal team.

“In accordance with Greek court proceedings, filing an appeal extinguishes the court’s original verdict and quashes the conviction.

“The appeal has been accepted and will lead to a new trial in a higher court.

“This means that Harry has no criminal record and is again presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

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