Man “tied up his ex and forced her to watch him mutilate his new partner” – World News


A man allegedly forced his ex to watch him mutilate his new partner’s genitals with a samurai sword after he tied her up in their vacation home.He allegedly tied her with electric cables at their vacation home in Portugal, then tortured her 53-year-old boyfriend for six hours as she watched helplessly.

Police launched a manhunt when the traumatized woman managed to break free after witnessing the gruesome murder of her boyfriend.

The victim has been named locally as Luis Miguel Fernandez and his partner as Nuria Rodriguez Gonzalez.

The search came to an end when detectives discovered that the lone suspect, named locally as Spaniard Carlos Sande Fidalgo, had ended his life by throwing himself off a bridge.

The apparent macabre murder-suicide in a small Portuguese village near the country’s northern border with Spain is under investigation today.

The bridge which the suspect allegedly jumped from

Fidalgo was a real estate businessman based in the Galician city of Vigo, who was reportedly unable to accept his ex-wife’s new relationship,

He was found Wednesday morning near the Rande Bridge, which spans the Bay of Vigo.

Spanish police alerted colleagues in Portugal who were looking for the man suspected of the brutal murder at the new popularly rented holiday home in the village of Gondufe.

The house is a 45-minute drive south, just across the border in the Portuguese municipality of Ponte de Lima.

Local reports said the partner of the deceased, the suspect’s ex-wife, had her hands tied behind her back with electric cables.

She was then forced to watch the murder victim have her genitals mutilated for about six hours with weapons, including knives, and another described as a Japanese sword known as a katana.

Port of Vigo, Galicia, Spain

Portuguese daily Diario de Noticias said police investigators suspected Nuria’s ex-husband had placed a GPS tracker on his car so he could track his movements after their separation earlier this year.

Police were alerted after the suspected murderer fled the property and his ex, who had to be hospitalized with shocks and injuries from the ties around his wrists and legs, managed to alert authorities.

He allegedly fled the scene of the crime in his ex-wife’s jeep before deliberately crushing him near the property and switching to a black BMW 740 he owned and which was found near the bridge.

His body was found at around 10 a.m. on Wednesday by the coast guard participating in the search with the police.

All three people involved, including the victims, were initially described as Spanish, although it later emerged that the family of the deceased had emigrated to France from their native Galicia in the 1960s.

Residents of the Galician town of Entrimo, where Luis Miguel’s family is from, paid tribute on Friday by rallying with homemade signs expressing their horror at the brutal murder.

Police sources said they were following a line of inquiry that the suspected killer broke into the property his ex and new partner were renting after finding them, then acted out of jealousy after refusing to accept the end of his marriage and the news of his ex-wife. relationship.

Carlos and his ex-wife are said to have separated in March.


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