Man dragged off Ryanair plane after testing positive for coronavirus


A passenger has been abducted from a Ryanair flight after being tested positive for coronavirus on the London Stansted tarmac (Photo: Reuters / Twitter / FionnMurphy10)

Officials dressed in hazmat suits rushed to board a Ryanair flight after a passenger was diagnosed with coronavirus minutes before take off.

The passenger and his traveling companion were flying from London Stansted to Pisa in Italy last night when he received a text message confirming a positive test result.

A video posted to Twitter shows two officials in protective gear attending to the man as flight attendants reassure passengers.

The passenger, who has not been named, violated coronavirus restrictions by leaving his home while exhibiting symptoms. He was transferred to a remote area of ​​the airport before health officials met him, Mail Online reported.

The flight took off nearly two hours late as the man’s seat and luggage rack needed to be disinfected.

RyanAir said in a statement that the infected passenger was on the plane for less than 10 minutes.

“They both wore masks at all times at Stansted Airport,” the airline said.

“There was little or no risk of transmitting the coronavirus to other passengers or crew, as all were also wearing face masks at all times. “

NHS guidelines warn people with symptoms of Covid-19 to stay home and avoid all travel.

The Department of Health is also warning anyone who has been tested for the coronavirus must self-isolate until the result comes back. The rules also apply to those for that person’s support bubble.

Britons who are tested for the coronavirus can wait up to 72 hours for a result.

The man’s seat and luggage rack were disinfected before the plane took off (Photo: Reuters / Twitter / FionnMurphy10)

A passenger on the plane posted on social media: “The face when you’re about to take off and someone receives a text from Track and Trace. ”

Stansted Airport said: “The airport was made aware of the passenger by the airline and our fire departments attended the plane and escorted the passenger (and travel partner) to an area. isolation where they were put in contact with Public Health England, who then oversaw the passenger’s onward journey.

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