male prison threatening bus driver to ask for mask


The 53-year-old was trying to get on a bus in the Tarn department in southern France. The bus driver, a 52-year-old female, asked him to put on a mask, in which case he became aggressive, threatening his life.The man was well known to the police and was serving a suspended prison sentence at the time of his arrest.

The incident occurred just three days after a bus driver was fatally assaulted in Bayonne following an argument over wearing masks. Philippe Monguillot, 59 years old and father of three, remained in a coma after facing a group of people trying to board without a ticket, with a dog not muzzled and without a face mask. He died a few days later in hospital.

Two people have been charged with attempted murder in connection with the attack.

Two other men were charged with failing to help a person in danger, and a fifth person charged with trying to hide a suspect.

Masks are mandatory for public transport users in France as part of the measures to fight Covid-19.

During the hearing in the Tarn this Friday, July 31, the bus driver explained to the court that since the incident, she had had difficulty doing her job and sleeping at night, France Info reported.

The assistant prosecutor requested a prison sentence, citing the precedent of the fatal assault in Bayonne. The man was jailed immediately after his conviction.

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