Maisie Richardson-Sellers on What’s Changing About Chloe As The Movie Continues


The kissing booth 2 was released on Netflix and viewers are still analyzing everything that happened. One character, Chloe, may have been off-putting to some fans, but she’s proven to be virtually harmless to our main characters’ relationship. The actress who plays Chloe, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, recently opened up about how her character has changed over the course of the film.

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An intruder in the movie was actually one and the other was a red herring

The premise of The kissing booth 2 was setting up obstacles in the relationship between Elle (Joey King) and Noah (Jacob Elordi). Now that Noah was in college, they didn’t both live in the same town or attend the same school. The film introduced him as they both had new people in their lives. Noah had Chloe and She had Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez).

For Noah, he is dealing with impostor syndrome and Chloe helps a lot with that besides helping him acclimatize. For viewers, much of this is presented as more than just friendship. To Elle, it looks like she might really have feelings for Marco, who must be her new dance partner now. As the movie progresses, we realize that believing that Chloe could be a real intruder between Elle and Noah was just a distraction. Still, Marco is very interested in having a romantic relationship with Elle and is the real intruder.

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What Maisie Richardson-Sellers Says About Chloe

In an interview with Collider, Richardson-Sellers opened up about how Chloe turned out to be different from the seeds that were planted about her earlier in the movie. When the post asked how much of the character was there at the start compared to what we saw on screen, the actress said a few additions had been made.

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«Vince [Marcello] et Jay [Arnold] She wrote it very well, on the page, but I studied anthropology and archeology at Oxford, so we decided she was probably majoring in something like anthropology or human rights law. man, ”she explained. “So in this scene, when I tell a story when I see Elle for the first time, I tell this story of this incredible man that I met in Port Elizabeth, where I had had a Safari adventure. They brought things to her like that, organically from me, but also, we worked really hard to make sure we didn’t cross that line between her being, in any way, a mean girl. She is very kind.

There are parts of the movie where you think Chloe is actually similar to Marco in that he’s seriously trying to break up the couple. However, at the end of the film, it is confirmed that this is not at all the truth and Chloe is Actually it’s good. “When you watch the movie and see the end, you’ll notice how truthful and honest she is,” the actress added. “What is happening is how people interpret his behavior. This is what is changing. So by always being true to her and always making sure that she was this supportive, curious and lively woman, that made her someone with whom, as you said, I wanted to spend time. . This is what we were aiming for. ”

The kissing booth and The kissing booth 2 both stream on Netflix. The third film in the franchise has already been filmed and is set to debut next year.


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